About Us

About Us

We are a company dedicated to providing quality Machines and Equipments to assist you in your daily operations.
We Specialize in:

  • Financial Handling Equipments
  • ✓ Cash, Currency, Note Counting Machines
    ✓ Cash, Currency Sorters
    ✓ Mix Note Value Counting Machine
    ✓ Coin Counters and Sorters
    ✓ Vaccum, Bundle, Packet Note Counting Machine
    ✓ Fake Note Detectors
    ✓ Note Binding Machines
    ✓ Shrink Wrapping Machines
    ✓ Cash Boxes and other Financial Equipments in Pakistan.

  • Material Handling Equipments
  • ✓ Hand Pallet Lifter Jacks
    ✓ Hand Pallet Trucks
    ✓ Manual, Semi-electrical and Electrical Stackers
    ✓ Drum Handling, Drum Lifting, Drum Tilting, Drum Rotating Machines and Equipments
    ✓ Stair Climbing Trolley
    ✓ New and Used Wooden and Plastic Pallets
    ✓ Drum Trollies and other Material Handling Equipments in Pakistan.

  • IT Equipments
  • ✓ Papers Shredders
    ✓ Security Lockers
    ✓ People Counting Solutions
    ✓ Retail / POS Solutions
    ✓ Hardware, Electronics and other Equipments in Pakistan.

We represnt various international brands and have developed our own brand with the name of EQUIPSTER. Please browse thru our online product catalogue, and we are sure that you will find our machines and tools of your interest.
We look forward to serving any inquiry that you may have.